AsULearn (Moodle) is a course management system that allows classroom interactions to extend onto the web. AsULearn allows faculty to post course information, hold class discussions, create and accept assignments, and conduct exams online. AsULearn may be used to create a fully online course or to augment a traditional face-to-face class.


  • Security: Only students who are registered in your course can access your AsULearn content. This enables you to quiz students online, track student participation, and post copyrighted materials for educational purposes.
  • Easy to use: You do not need to know HTML or how to build a website to use AsULearn. You can easily create numerous tools for teaching, such as online forums, assignments, online testing, etc.
  • Communication: A variety of communication tools are available in your AsULearn Course. Email your class (as a group or individually), allow participants to post questions and responses via a course discussion board, break the class up into groups for peer collaboration, or build a chat room for discussion between course members.
  • Uniformity: Students access all their courses from a common portal web page. A consistent navigation interface between courses makes using AsULearn easy for students, while allowing instructors to customize content areas.

For more help go to AsULearn Support.